Incredible Infrared Heaters

Most heaters work through convection and gradually heat the air while letting it circulate until it has filled the room. Unlike convection heaters, infrared heaters warm you directly by putting out a steady stream of heat particles, and the coils wrapped over the heat source transfers the heat evenly. The heat is reflected by a polished metal backing plate that extends it for several yards, providing you with a gentle, comfortable source of warmth.

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The Benefits of Infrared Heating

With infrared heaters, you won't have to wait to get warm when you step in from the cold. They are great for sitting on the patio or at your desk because they focus their heat on you instead of the entire room. Infrared space heaters are quiet since they don't use a fan. They are also considered healthier than other heaters since they don't reduce humidity or the oxygen content in the room.

Since infrared heaters produce the same type of heat as the sun, you can receive some of the benefits of natural sunlight without the dangers of UV radiation. There are no moving parts so there's no motor to wear out or air filters to replace so maintenance is minimal. All you need to do is clean the reflectors periodically to keep your unit working perfectly.